Bitcoin Purchases

You can now pay us with Bitcoin! Our webshop host doesn’t enable us yet to offer you a quick and easy integrated payment system, so we can only do this manually. Here is how:


  • Send us an email at
  • IMPORTANT: Use the word "BITCOIN" somewhere in the subject.
  • In the message area, please list the Item Names, Quantity, Discount Code (Optional) and your full Shipping Address (including the name).
  • Wait for an email from us. We try to be quick, but we’re a very small operation, so it may take 1-2 days. Our email will confirm the items you ordered and include the total of your purchase in Bitcoin as well as the Bitcoin address for the transaction.
  • To confirm your purchase, simply send the Bitcoin amount stated to the address provided.
  • We take no responsibilty for lost payments due to any reason, including a mistype of the address provided.
  • Once we received the payment, we will ship your order as fast as possible, according to our general terms of Shipping and Returns.

*The price of Bitcoin is volatile, but we’ll try to be as fair as possible. We'll look up the global average price of the day that you sent your email on and use the daily average exchange rate for our conversion.