Chicken Wings COMBO!

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Save over 20% when you get all the Chicken Wings Books in this special super saver combo! It also automatically qualifies you for free shipping!

Chicken Wings – The First Book (ISBN 978-0741427182)

Chicken Wings 2 – Full Throttle (ISBN 978-1-4243-1029-6)

Chicken Wings 3 – Think Big (ISBN 978-1-60702-858-1)

Chicken Wings 4 - Gold Rush (ISBN 978-1-4675-2065-2)

Chicken Wings 5 - Turning Crosswind (ISBN 978-1-5323-0457-6)

Chicken Wings 6 - Check Your Six (ISBN 978-1-5323-6929-2)

For a signed copy, please choose the option "one signed copy" below and make sure to drop us a line via email, or add instructions to the comments at checkout to tell us what you want Stefan to write (e.g. a dedication to someone). If you want all four books of the combo signed, please choose "all copies signed". If we don't get any instructions, Stefan will write a dedicaction to the person who ordered!