Ding Duck - I Want To Fly


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The brand new book by Gary Clark, featuring the famous Ding Duck from The Swamp.

This book is a snapshot of the wonderful and diverse world of aviation…It is about Commercial Air Transport, Military Jets, Helicopters, Aerobatics, General Aviation, Recreational Flying, and... Duck. Mostly it’s about Duck aviation... In particular one unique Duck named Ding.

Despite receiving over 5000 flying lessons and many attempts, Ding Duck still can’t fly. But that doesn’t stop him trying and failing and trying again. The Swamp that Ding calls home features two good runways, an Air Traffic Controller, a Flying School and a host of other assorted wildlife including all the other Ducks who get to do what Ding is hoping to do himself one day.. Fly South for the Winter with all the other Ducks.

As you follow Ding’s daily life cycle of flying attempts, failures, flying lessons, theory classes, exams and everything else that goes on in this feathered parallel world to the other less natural, mechanical form of aviation you will discover a wonderful truth: There is little difference between these two worlds and there is much humour to be enjoyed in both.

This book is dedicated to everyone who has ever wanted to fly.