eBook: Chicken Wings 4 - Gold Rush

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The eBook version of our fourth book in MOBI format.

You can also get this book it as an iPhone app through the iTunes store, as a Kindle version through Amazon, and, of course, in all it's physical glory as a paperback version, right here in this shop.

Roost-Air is still in business. Seemingly unaffected by the economy the flying chickens are still going strong with Julio keeping Chuck flying and Chuck continuing to make the airspace less safe.
Is Hans floating his yogurt money into the FBO?
Will Chuck finish his Corsair this year?
Is Julio ever going to get a few days off?

What we do know is that Chuck once again is getting himself tangled up in all kinds of aviation adventures from flight instructing, to homebuliding, into RC planes and model rockets, over flight simming, all the way to flying helicopters.
Chuck has to take a checkride and even applies to become an astronaut. He is also working on finding out more about the mystery chick at the bar and trying to help Julio in the hangar.
Then one day a call comes in for Roost Air to deliver parts to the last frontier...