T-Shirt "Aerodynamics Lesson 1"


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The “classic” and probably most popular one of our t-shirts. Teach others the laws of aerodynamics. Featuring "Slip, Drag, P-Factor, and CG" explanations for everybody to understand! Perfect for flight instructors to make sure the basic lessons sink in every time they turns their back to their students when writing on the board....

The shirt will also tell you if you are dealing with "pedestrians" (probably not laughing at the pictures) or "aviators" or "aviation educated" people (most likely cracking up at your t-shirts) which could come in handy. "Handy for what?" you might ask.... Well we don't really know yet. But you get the point, right?!

Main design printed on backside, with Chicken Wings Logo on front pocket. Color: Heather grey with black imprint. 85% cotton, 15% viscose. Currently low on stock and limited sizes available: Avaliable sizes are L-XXL.

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